NAVCUBE™ offers managers a high-level and detailed view of an organization’s operation. A powerful tool, reporting can deliver eye-opening insights on business trends, helping managers identify efficiencies and opportunities to optimize the management of an organization.

NAVCUBE™ offers mainly two types of reports:

Dynamic Reports- Build on the pure fundamental of excel pivot, NAVCUBE dynamics reporting offers users to analyze their data dynamically by drag and relate functionality. This provides users with information collaboratively for many different reports into a single report.
We can make changes to a dynamic report as PivotTable. Pre-package reporting is a quick and helpful way to gather information.
Static Reports- These reports are generated where user wants to have large chunk of data and want to have reconciliation across tables. NAVCUBE™ Supports these reports as well.

Query and Analysis

NAVCUBE™ provides pre-packaged KPIs, Dashboards and Reports which covers across requirements of all verticals. Apart from this NAVCUBE™,BI provides flexible query writing tool which is easy to use and deploy.
With NAVCUBE™ organization can create flexible customized reports and deliver exclusive anlalysis over their data. Query in NAVCUBE™ is as simple as sql query writing.

Predictive Analysis

With NAVCUBE™ organizations can predict the data on the basis of their historic data. Predictive analytics is using business intelligence data for forecasting and modeling. It is a way to use predictive analysis data to predict future patterns. The established analytics practice helps in optimizing manufacturing and sales. Through predictive analysis one can rather then saving/loosing could turn moreover into profit.


Rather than spending time into hundreds of reports into searching and analyzing one could take direct decision by taking just a single look over the dashboard of KPIs. NAVCUBE™ offers 2D and 3D dashboards along with dynamicity. Dashboards are designed by considering entire management concerns in respect to their business needs.

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