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Our implementation services helps organizations avoid the common pitfalls associated with business intelligence implementation as we can claim it to be fast, simple, pain-free and collaborative to go for deployment.

If you want to enable your users to access, analyze, and share data quickly, but without practical guidance, your initiative could languish, suffering from inaccurate data, incomplete deployment, partial use, and unrealized returns. That’s where Prudence Technology Professional Services concepts of packaged analytics and experience of BI implementation helps you avoid the common pitfalls associated with BI projects.

Our concept of packaged analytics is the fastest, easiest and most-effective way for you to accelerate and simplify your NAVCUBE Business Intelligence Suite deployment. Our Quick-Start methodology helps you:

Ensure A Successful Implementation

Not only does our packaged analytics deliver a rapid implementation of NAVCUBE BI, but it also minimizes potential rework through our best practices-based methodology.

Realize Rapid Returns

Our Quick-Start method is geared towards getting you up and running rapidly, so you can quickly begin generating returns on your investment.

Easy Transfer Knowledge To Your Internal Teams

Throughout all phases of our Quick-Start methodology, we provide plenty of knowledge transfer opportunities to allow your staff to take full advantage of the experience and expertise of our consultants. This also makes them self dependant analytical users.